Tolerance has lost its meaning

I’ve recently been thinking about tolerance as an idea or an ideal that is held up in our society.

As a kid, I was taught to be tolerant of the views and lifestyles of other people. I was taught that I should respect people with different points of view.

Tolerance meant respecting other people even if they think or act differently than I think or act.

Simple stuff.

As an adult, I’ve noticed that the word “tolerance” has taken on a different meaning. Today, it means “I’m tolerant of your views as long as they DON’T differ from my own!”

This is the opposite of the real meaning of the word.

Liberals in America have pushed this onto conservatives to manipulate them into accepting their “progressive” ideology.

As far as I can see, conservatives are the only people who are actually tolerant of opposing viewpoints.

Wanna test it?

Go to Twitter and post “We need to stop encouraging people to be transgender. As adults, they experience more mental health problems, are unhealthier, unhappier, and their lives last half as long.”

I bet you’ll get HAMMERED with hateful messages. They’ll call you ignorant, a bigot, a moron, homophobic, and more.

Now try doing the opposite.

Go on Twitter and post “We need to stop encouraging people to