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time management software

"Before You Buy Time Management Software, Grab A Notepad And A Timer... You're About To Discover
A Simple System Of How To
Finally Get Things Done!"

It's The Very System That Became The Foundation For My Personal Time Management Software ...
And You'll See Everything On This Page

From: Mike Nacke

If you're looking for a simple way to boost your productivity, more effectively manage your time, and re-claim more free hours every day ... then the 3 step method of time management you're about to discover on this page will deliver it. It's so simple to learn so easy to use, and so wickedly effective, you'll probably want to scream "WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE SHOW ME THIS BEFORE!!!"task management software

It's the ideal solution if you've every wondered how you can work so long every day and make so little progress on the stuff that really matters.

It will help you tackle the small stuff like staying organized, checking emails, and making phone calls ... to the critical tasks at work and at home that bring you the most results and fulfillment every day

It's so powerful that after only a week of using this system in my own life, I decided to turn it into a piece of time management software that I could share with the world ... and I had more than enough free time to create it in only 5 days while working a full time job, spending time with my family and friends, and watching football all weekend.

Bottom line ... it made my productivity SKYROCKET!

It's no secret that 20% of your activities provide 80% of your results. So you have to ask yourself the question "why do I feel like I'm 'spinning my wheels,' working long hours with little or nothing to show for it?

The answer to that question, and a solution to your problem lies below.

Here's My Time Management System
In 3 Drop-Dead Easy Steps

  1. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of everything you want to accomplish today.
    Answering email, meetings, projects, phone calls, errands ... everything you want to accomplish today.

  2. Group similar tasks together and assign a specific amount of time to each one. Try to be liberal with your time in this step. How quickly could you accomplish each task if you totally focused on just that one item?

  3. Choose a task, start a timer, and focus 100% of your attention on completing the task at hand. Don't check your emails, don't answer the phone, and PLEASE ... don't start Tweeting! Completely focus on your chosen task until the timer sounds.


Pretty simple ... right?

At the surface level, this seems SO SIMPLE that there's no possible way it could work. But don't mistake simplicity for "lack of sophistication." This method is based on the hard-wiring in your brain.

Once you start using this method, you will feel the momentum in your activities start to accelerate ... like a locomotive slowly gaining speed. As you gain more practice, your focus and determination seems to awaken as to you move closer to achieving your goals.

It's an unusual feeling if you've been drowning is a sea of overwhelm, when you suddenly break free to regain control of your life.

Since I didn't develop this system, I hope this doesn't sound like bragging ... it's simply how I felt when I discovered its effectiveness. And it's how others have reported to me how they've felt after using it as well.

So you're probably asking ...

Why Is This Time Management
Technique So Effective?

There are three reasons why this method is so effective. None of this is cutting edge psychological research, it's just a few long held facts about how the human mind functions at it relates to work and accomplishments.

Here they are:

  • Start With The End In Mind - This phrase was first made popular by Steven Covey in "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People" published in 1990. Here's the gist of it. By giving yourself a goal, you give yourself direction which your mind immediately seeks to fulfill the goal attached to it, both consciously and subconsciously. That's why writing down goals is the cornerstone of most success seminars. There's good evidence to support that this should always be your first step toward any achievement, and this time management technique takes this principle and asks you to create a "mini goal" ... or a task that you want to accomplish today.

  • Parkinson's Law - In 1995, Cyril Parkinson published an essay in "The Economist" stating that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." In other words, if you give yourself all day to complete something ... it'll take all day. If you give yourself an hour, it'll take an hour. Here's the best way I can illustrate that. Have you ever noticed that before you go on vacation, you somehow manage to accomplish a monumental amount of work before you leave? You go into overdrive because you know this stuff has to get done because you won't be here next week.

    This time management technique capitalizes on our natural human reaction to "get more done" when you have a limited timeframe. By assigning a specific amount of time to each task that you want to complete, you're pushing your mind to go into overdrive to get it done. Are you starting to see the brilliance in it?

  • Eat The Elephant - Question: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. Do you ever feel like you have so much to do that you don't know where to begin? You're not alone. The final principle that makes this time management technique so effective is the bite-sized structure. By taking everything you want to accomplish and breaking it down into small, manageable tasks, you create a believable blueprint for your daily work. Something your mind can easily grasp and take action on. This principle alone removes a massive weight from your shoulders when your daily work becomes crystal clear and you can exclusively focus on achieving your goals.

When you combine these three principles of achievement, it "super-charges" the way you mentally and physically approach your work. And as you continue to practice this, you become addicted to the feeling of accomplishment.

This Time Management System

Back to my story ...

Even though I found this system to be super effective, I knew it could be improved by streamlining the parts that were boring or monotonous to make sure I would continue to use it without anything hinderance.

Some of the things that bothered be were:

  • Creating a list on paper is slow ... and I've already got papers scattered all over my desk.

  • Re-writing regular tasks is a pain in the butt ... like responding to email, or working on long term projects. I found that I was rewriting those tasks that needed to be worked on every day.

  • I had to keep a timer on my desk ... and it had to be repeatedly set or reset every time I wanted to start working on a new task. And since my desk already looked like it had been a victim of a recent tornado ... sometimes it got lost.

  • The list itself was a hassle to manage ... I was contantly going back and adding or crossing off something. There was just no good way to keep everything neat and manageable since this was an evolving document.

Although these were minor issues compared to the amazing improvement I saw in my productivity, I wanted to make sure they didn't hinder my ability to turn this into a long term habit. And after experiencing the POWER of this system, I wanted to share it with others, but I knew I had to eliminate these four problems.

So I decided to develop a custom piece of time management software that provided all the benefits of the "pen and paper" method, without the distractions or monotonony.

I decided it should work like this ...

  • Learning it had to be a breeze ... a steep learning curve would only prevent you from getting started

  • Adding, changing, and managing tasks had to be simple ... it should take seconds - not minutes - to set up your list, move between tasks, and make changes throughout your day.

  • Creating and setting timers must be automated

  • It should be visually appealing and intuitive ... so you could see yourself accomplishing your tasks, meeting your goals, and staying motivated.

  • It should report on your long term progress with the click of a button ... to reveal exactly where you're spending your time and how each of your tasks help you meet your long term goals.

I originally sketched the idea on a Post-it Note sitting at a Starbucks a few minutes before a meeting ... here it is:

time management system

And the final result looks like this ...

The Time Designer -
Time Management Software

Simple • Intuitive • Results!

the time designer


Simple, intuitive, results!

That's what The Time Designer is all about.

The Time Designer offers a simple, visual system to structure your day using the simple 3 step method described above, steamlined into a small computer application designed to keep you organized and motivated as you move toward your goals.

There's virtually no learning curve and no complicated time management system you have to learn before you can get started.

You can quite literally jump right in and see and instant boost in your productivty ... all you need is:

  • A list of tasks - Big projects broken into bite-sized pieces that are "easy to consume"

  • Time to get them done - At first, you can approximate the time you'll need to accomplish each task and you'll get more accurate every day.

  • A computer and a mouse - Which I assume you already have if you're reading this

And that's it!

Not only does this time management software keep you motivated to take more action every day, the visual interface removes all the clutter that often creates the feeling of overwhelm, and the reporting structure gives you insight into how you spend your day, so you can spend more time on the activities that matter most.

This Video Shows How My Time Managment Software Works

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

Your Results Will Soar!

How The Time Designer Gently Pushes You
To"Get More Done"

  • Elimate The Feeling Of Being Overwhelmed And Start Taking Action - The Time Designer helps you break down big tasks into smaller, more manageable ones. This allows you to break free of the paralyzing feeling being overwhelmed, giving you the freedom to take action.

  • Beat Procrastination Once And For All - Once you begin using The Time Designer, you'll discover that anything you've resisted starting becomes easy to tackle. Not only will you find yourself with more time on your hands to get more done, but you'll experience a quiet enjoyment of seeing those things wiped off your list. Once you put a task in The Time Designer, and the habit of taking action sets in, your mind will feel compelled to attack these tasks to their completion.

  • Develop "Razor Sharp" Focus - The Time Designer helps you eliminate the distractions that kill your productivity. Over time, this builds your "focus muscles" and becomes an ingrained habit, causing you to get more done in less time.

  • Build Momentum In Your Work Routine - Every time you complete a task using The Time Designer, you create momentum in your work that becomes hard to stop. You don't have to think about "revving yourself up" to accomplish these tasks because the momentum you build will drive you to attack each one with pleasure.

  • Take Charge Of Your Hours - The Time Designer's powerful reporting feature provides valuable insight into how you spend your time. With the click of a button, you'll instantly become aware of your biggest "time stealers" and discover more ways to improve your productivity.

  • Limit The Tiny Indulgences That Eat Up Your Time - Like updating your Facebook status, Tweeting, reading online news snippets, or checking email fourty times a day. This tiny indulgences nibble away at your time, create constant distraction, and leave you feeling guilty at the end of the day. The Time Designer gives you the freedom to allot specific times for these things at times when they don't kill your focus.

The Time Designer
Jolts! You Into Action

Here's How:

  • Planning Your Day Takes Less Than A Minute - The Time Designer comes with dozens of common work and personal tasks built in, and you can add an unlimited number of your own as design your ideal day. Everything you need to plan your day is just a click away.

  • Discover Your Biggest "Time Wasters" Instantly - The Time Designer's reporting feature will generate a detailed report of every task you've completed. You'll see exactly where your time is being spent, giving you the necessary insight to make regular adjustments to your schedule to maximize your productivity.

  • See Your Day With Absolute Clarity - Instead of looking at a boring "to do" list, The Time Designer displays your tasks with high impact graphics. This feature makes Time Time Designer fun to use and allows you to visualize the accomplishment of your goals which helps you maintain strong motivation.

  • Discover Gratification In Your Work Again - Every time you complete a task in The Time Designer, you are given a visual representation of it's completion. At the end of the day, you can look over your daily accomplishments and feel gratified that you've done so much.

  • It's Keeps You "On Track" All Day - Once you've started a timer, The Time Designer runs in the background using very little computer resources. If you happen to get off task, The Time Designer will alert you of the end of your scheduled task with an alarm sound and small notice at the bottom of your screen. As long as you're using The Time Designer, you'll never stray far from your goals.

  • There's Virually No Learning Curve To Slow You Down - Most time management software has such a steep learning curve, that you'll abandon it before ever learning how to use it. The Time Designer is so simple to learn, you'll can literally start using it effectively within a few minutes of installing the software.

Are You Ready To
Start Getting Results?

How much is your time worth?

Only you can decide.

Consider this: What if you could reclaim 100 hours a year that are being lost to who-knows-what?

How about 75 hours? Or 50? Or maybe just 25 hours a year (just 2 a month)?

What could all that valuable time mean to you?

  • More money in your pocket?

  • More time with your kids?

  • More time enjoying your favorite hobbies?

  • More time helping others?

  • More time to learn and grow?

  • More time to kick up your feet and enjoy life?

Regardless of everything you'll gain from using The Time Designer, for a limited time, I want to offer it to you for just $47.

Click Here To Get The Time Designer For Only $47

Act Right Now Get This
Exclusive Bonus!

Buy a copy of the The Time Designer today and you will also receive this valuable bonus.


Action Unleashed!

software bonus

Inside you'll discover 23 proven strategies for helping you take more action each and every day.

Some Of What You'll Learn:

  • Immediately put a plug in one of the most prolific time-wasters of a generation

  • How to work in a state of 'flow' in order to achieve faster and better results

  • Speed through your day like you're driving with your foot to the floor!

  • Get your brain to quit telling you 'NO' and get it to start telling you 'YES'!

  • How to 'crank-up' your action-thermostat in no-time flat

  • Discover how you may be hanging 'weights' on your brain that are slowing you down, and how to easily get rid of them

  • Learn about the magic of using 'mini-blueprints' for handling major tasks like never before

  • Learn why the last minutes you spend today may be the most important for tomorrow

  • Take control of this activity, which trains you to do anything BUT take action

  • What you should do after eating, when you feel like going back to bed

  • Discover the power of the most important question you can ask yourself on a regular basis!

  • What Benjamin Franklin said over 250 years ago about taking action that still proves true today

  • 5 simple tips that keep your body in shape so you can get things done!

Click Here To Order Now For Only $47

Your 90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

time manager softwareGrab the The Time Designer now and use it every day, as much as you want, for the next 90 Days.

I'm so sure you'll love it that I'll give you my 100% unconditional, 90 Day Guarantee!

If you're not absolutely thrilled with The Time Designer, and the incredible results it helps you achieve on a consistent basis, then simply request a full refund.

No questions asked, no complaining, no whining!

Grab Your Copy Now

How The Order Process Works

When you click on the order button below, you'll go to my secure order page for your credit card information (You can also order by mail if you choose). When you use my secure order form, you'll be able to download the everything immediately.

Your transaction is secure—using our secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. The transaction will be billed to you as 'Mike Nacke Communications' with our U.S. phone number included.

As soon as your secure transaction has been processed, you'll be forwarded to a page where you can download The Time Designer software, and the bonuses.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and you'll have everything in about 5 minutes.

software for windows

The Time Designer AND bonuses are available
on the Windows platform.

order button Order securely, anytime, day or night.
time management button Within minutes you can be harnessing the incredible power of The Time Designer in your life.


Yes Mike, I Can't Wait To Get More Done Using The Time Designer

time designer small image

By ordering today you will receive The Time Designer Software - including all the bonuses - everything you'll need to boost your productivity and Get More Done starting today!

    Grab a copy of Mike's "The Time Designer"  Click here to order now!

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Wishing you all the best success,

mike nacke

Mike Nacke


P.S. Of all the things you can improve in your life, your ability to take action is one of the most important - hands down! Use The Time Designer risk-free for the next 90 days and finally experience what it feels like to Get More Done ... Order Now!

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