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Mike helps companies attract and retain top talent and has helped nearly 100 companies with recruiting and employee retention strategy.

His personal mission is to educate businesses on how to improve bottom line results through human resources.

He is the author of the "Hiring Top Talent - Behavioral Interview Guide", "Attract a Flood of Skilled Workers: Best Practices for Manufacturing CEO's", "Your Benefits are Boring! - How to Improve Retention, Morale, & Productivity with Employee Benefits," as well as over a dozen articles on attracting and retaining top talent.

His most recent passion involves helping others to achieve their peak potential everyday with personal productivity tools and training including the best selling "Time Designer" software.

His articles have been published in Louisville's Business First, The Journal Of New England Technology, The Boston Business Journal, and thousands of web sites.

Mike is a graduate of Murray State University’s Organizational Communication program and works as an independant business consultant in Nashville, TN.

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